Apple gingerbread cookies

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Michaela Smolova

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Amazing apple gingerbread cookies where you use the apple leftovers :-)

I love playing with recipes and creating always something new. Once I prepared freshly squeezed apple juice for my kids and I thought - oh wait, how to use the apple pulp? I just combined it with other good ingredients and the result you can see. You just have to try these apple gingerbread cookies. They are soft, not too sweet and not only my kids loved them!

Apple gingerbread cookies

Got some extra apple pulp, puree or just some old apples? Use them to bake these soft apple gingerbread cookies. They are not only cute, they taste delicious and kids just love them!
Servings 20
Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 12 mins


  • 2 whole eggs
  • 4 tbs honey
  • 4 tbs brown sugar
  • 5 tbs sunflower or other neutral oil
  • 5 tbs apple pulp or mashed apples or fine grated apples
  • 250 g wheat flour
  • 250 g rye flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp sodium bicarbonate
  • 2 tsp gingerbread spice
  • 1 whole egg wash
  • 1 handful seeds (sunflower, pumpkin...)


  • Put the eggs, honey, sugar into one bowl and whisk thoroughly.
  • Add the oil and eggs and whisk again.
  • In a separate bowl mix together both sorts of flour, spices, baking powder and sodium bicarbonate and in three steps add to the wet mixture.
  • Knead the dough till compact, then wrap to a foil and let rest in the fridge for two hours (ideally overnight).
  • Roll the dough later on a floured surface cca 5 mm thin and cut out cookies.
  • Place them onto a baking tray with parchment paper and decorate with the seeds.
  • Bake in pre-heated oven on 180 degrees celsius for cca 10-12 minutes.
  • Right after pulling them out of the oven, brush them with egg wash and let cool.
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: European

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