Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to join?

Yes! All you need to do is hit the Join button and create your own profile. You’re then free to start uploading your recipes. We also hope you share the stories related to your recipes too.

Can I upload my own recipes?

Yes! That’s the point of Reciprocal Recipes! Unlike other recipe websites, we don’t curate recipes and tell you what you should be cooking. We provide a platform for you to share what you’re cooking. You’ll never lose your recipe here and can easily access it wherever you are. That’s one reason we’re unique. But most importantly, by contributing your recipe, you’re playing your part in preserving our precious food heritage and culture. We’d also love you to share the stories behind the recipes and what they mean to you and your family. You can also upload photos and videos to help do this.

Who owns the recipes I contribute?

You do! You’ll always be acknowledged as the contributor. We don’t own the recipes but merely provide a platform for you to keep yours safe. If we profile your recipe across our marketing platforms or reproduce it in other materials, you’ll always be acknowledged as the contributor.

Can I download my saved recipes?

Yes! You can print each recipe and even download a customised recipe e-book of your favourite recipes and gift it to family and friends.

Why contribute to Reciprocal Recipes?

By joining Reciprocal Recipes you become part of a growing global community of home cooks who are seeking a safe place to store and share their treasured recipes, as well as the fascinating stories about what the recipes mean to them and their families. You can engage with them, ask them questions and learn their techniques and methods. Many of the recipes have been tried and tested by generations in the same family! You’ll also be part of a movement that’s actively protecting our precious food heritage. Check out the map on the home page to see where recipes are being contributed from. You can travel the world recipe by recipe!

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

It’s easy! Simply enter your email address on the newsletter page.

How do I ask a question about a recipe?

Simply leave a comment at the bottom of the recipe so the contributor can respond to you.

Have another question?

Simply contact us here.

Can I keep my recipes private?

Although Reciprocal Recipes has been developed as a platform to encourage the sharing of recipes, we understand that some of you may wish to keep some treasured recipes private, so that only you can see them and email them to close friends and family of your choosing. When you contribute each recipe, at the bottom of the template you’ll see an option to make your recipe ‘private’ or ‘public’. Just choose the ‘private’ option and only you will see it.

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